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Dear Friends,

Global Mobility requires many complicated processes. As group we understand the importnace of local presence and try to integrate ourselves with the local culture and legal practices of each individual country we offer. Through our expertise we facilitate cross-border business and guide you all the way through, with the easiest and safest way to achieve your personal goals.

Our Winning way is based on 3 pillars
Customised Solution

We work out a solution based on your personal and family needs. The programs of Citizenship and Residency offered globally, will allow you freedom of movement and also a dreamed lifestyle across boarders.

Assistance in Every Step

Right after our first meeting and initial advices we will create for you a personal timeline consisting of the beginning steps all the way to the Return of your investment. You will receive our support during the entire process, the application and long time after that. We guarantee that our assiatnce, service and support will exceed all your expectations and satisfaction.

Integration with Real Estate

Being in the Real Estate Inustry, both as an independent agency but also as a developer for many years we assure to receive the best possible options based on your needs and objectives. We will be able to offer you many different stractures; from a single unit to a property portofolio or from a customised investment to a joint venture project. Finally our legal team will facilitate all matters related with Governement process, Formation of Companies, Bank Services , Tax and Legal Advice. We will make sure that your relocation to the new country will prove to be not only enjoyable but also profitable.

We want to be
Your Trusted Partner in A New Beginning
We Want to Become

Your Passport to Global Mobility