To choose for you and your family the lifestyle you dream or compete successfully within a global world, you needto find a smart, comprehensive, and flexible immigration by investment program. R.E.G. can become your strategic partner in your efforts, supporting your personal and business vision throughout our internatioal offices and network of partners.

R.E.G. is one of the leading european companies advising people on different residency and citizenship by investment programs, in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Malta, UK, Montenegro, Austria.

Through personal interviews our skillful team assess your needs and recommend a specific country for relocation. We provide full set of information, with process and timeframes, documents, and fees for each program we cover and we guide you from the beginning of the application till the end of the process and beyond.

R.E.G. is also a company with own project developments and real estate section.Utilising our 15 years experience in the real estate sector we will match the right invesmtent with your immigration needs while monitoring and assessing current opportunities in Cyprus, Greece and in other Europeancountries we are active and promoting. We understand extremely well the process required to immigrate and our legal teams who have profound knowledge on these matters can help you with your pursuit efficently and cost effectively.