About the Program

The Montenegro Economic Citizenship Program (MECP), also known as the “Special Investment Scheme” was launched in 2018 and it allows investors the opportunity to obtain the citizenship of Montenegro in exchange for investment in the country. The Montenegro programme requires applicants to make a contribution to the government as well as to invest in government approved projects. Applicants and their family members will also be subject to a due diligence process before being able to acquire the citizenship of Montenegro.

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program will be open only for 2,000 applicants from only non-EU countries for a limit period of three years only.


  • Visa free travel to 123 Countries, including Schengen Area, Russia, Brazil and Turkey
  • Fast Track application: 6 months
  • No minimum physical stay prior, during or after Citizenship
  • Dual Citizenship Allowed
  • Family members included and transferable to descendants
  • Montenegro is a Prospective EU member state

Program Benefits

The program will start accepting applications shortly. As demand for Montenegro is considerable, only the first 100 pre-enrolment requests will get guaranteed places within the quota of 2,000 applications. Remainder of quota will be on first come, first serve basis. Program will close as soon as the quota has been reached.

Fast Track application:6 months
Dual Citizenship Allowed
No min. physical stay prior, during or after Citizenship
Family members included and transferable to descendants
Montenegro is a Prospective EU member state
Visa free travel to 123 Countries, including Schengen Area, Russia, Brazil and Turkey
  • POPULATION 642,550
  • LOCATION Southeastern Europe, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia
  • CAPITAL Podgorica
  • TOTAL AREA 13,812 sq.km
  • LANGUAGE Serbian, Montenegrin
  • RELIGIONS Orthodox
  • GOVERNMENT TYPE Parliamentary Republic

Investment Options

Applicants are required to invest in approved real estate projects in the country. Depending on where the selected projects are, applicants will have the choice of the following investment levels:


  • €250,000 investment in an undeveloped region (north of the country)


  • €450,000 investment in a developed region (south of the country).

*Government Fund Donation : Applicants must make a contribution of €100,000 in the form of a government fund donation.

Montenegro Residency Acquisition Process

3 -4 DAYS
Talk to Immigration advisors

Our specialist immigration advisors will evaluate your personal circumstances and assist you in selecting investment options most suitable to you, matching the requirements with the application criteria, to ensure successful application.

2-5 DAYS
Visit Montenegro to view Investment options
Visit Montenegro to view Government approved development projects

Based on your requirements we will carefully select the most suitable projects for you and arrange direct viewings in Montenegro.

We are here to guide you through the purchasing process of the property or other investment options, providing impartial advice for your benefit. We engage with our group lawyers acting on your behalf, assisting you in your purchase and ensure that your property acquisition will be handled correctly.

We recommend planning for a 2 to 5 day visit

180 DAYS
Processing time
Prepare & submit Citizenship application

Applicants must have a Schengen visa as a mandatory requirement to apply for Cyprus citizenship by investment scheme. This also means applicants are previously vetted by EU member states. Those who are refused of Schengen visa cannot apply

Receive a Principle approval

Once you receive a Principle approval of your application you need to complete Contribution to Government

Acquire a Montenegro Passport in 180 days

In just approximately 180 days, you can become a Montenegro citizen and enjoy all the freedoms that EU citizenship offers, including visa free travel to 123 countries worldwide.

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Requirements towards applicants
  • Necessary documents