Citizenship is the status of a person being a legal citizen of a sovereign country. Under this relationshipthe country is granting the citizen many rights while residing in the state, and in return, the citizen accepts to obay and follow all laws and regulations of the state. If you have citizenship in a country, you have the right to live, work, vote, but also pay taxes and comply with legislation. A Citizenship status is the unique identity that defines the legal citizens of the nations.

The ways to receive a citizenship - nationality and corresponding passport usually is done via birth (inheritance by parents) and marriage. Through naturalization somebody can also receive citizenship status, however it is a lengthy process since requires the applicant to live permanetalyfor many years in that particular country.Since Saint Kitts & Nevis in 1984 to Moldova and Montenegro in 2018; the citizenship by investment has been another way to acquire citizenship status.


Citizenship by investment enables individuals to apply and receive a second citizenship and passport through economic contribution and to the host country. These programs have been structured to ensure that the investment contributes to the welfare, advancement and economic development of the country in which they wish to reside.They are programs designed to confer the citizenship status faster and within certain time frame without many other obligations to the investor; simply by following a clear application process and documentation submition. Each country offering citizenship by investment program are very selective in the type of individual they will allow to gain citizenship. Programs usually run within a legal and transparent manner, based on the constitution of the host country.

The reasons to invest in a second citizenship are many; but the most common are the reasons related with safety and security (for individual and for whole family), for business and tax reasons and finally for global mobility . Receiving a second citizenship is coming with great advantages for the investor and his family. Their lifestyle is changing to the better, have access to benefits and alternatives beyond the boundaries of their own country, the becoming global citizens .

Some countries in the world offer citizenship by investment programs (CBI) in order to attract foreign direct investment. Many more other countries offer residency by investment programs with less minimum investment that also lead to a citizenship but after a number of years. Realizing the economic benefits of those programs many more countries are now opening their doors to immigrant investors creating or improving their investment programs to compete as a product globally.



Each country has different requirements and process, that applicants must fulfil for its residency by investment program. However, some requirements are common to all Residency programs:

  • Clean criminal record.
  • Prove the legal source of the investment funds.
  • Invest in one of the government-approved options, i.e. real estate

All requirements must be met in order for residency applications to be approved.


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