Citizenship & Immigration

Our legal team, offers a highly personalized, client care service with the degree of professionalism and seriousness that has made us leaders in this field. We act for a wide range of clients, including high net worth individuals, families and businesses, often working alongside other advisors, family offices and wealth managers. We are able to advice on the full range of immigration applications, we provide services from initial entry to country all the way through to citizenship or permanent residency. Specifically:

  • We provide an A-Z service to the client with respect to Citizenship by investment of the Republic of Cyprus or the Permanent Residency program of Greece,including with respect to any real estate transaction made by the client as well as future aspects such as taking advantage of tax benefits, family estate planning and maintenance of investments.
  • As a Group but also as an independent law firm we are recognized for our leading knowledge and long-term experience in advising on citizenship by residence or investment and all types of residence and employment permits (temporary and permanent).
  • we understand it may be a daunting task to apply for residence permits and citizenship but our knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly staff can help make the process as easy as possible.
  • with our detailed knowledge on immigration and citizenship law and successful record of dealing with all related matters, we are able to:-
  • advise clients, who are not nationals of a European Union Member State, intending to visit or do business in Cyprus or Greece, on whether they are required to obtain a VISA to enter country and assist them in obtaining same if necessary.
  • register a company owned by foreign shareholders
  • apply for permanent residence permits of Cyprus and Greece
  • apply for Cyprus citizenship (followed by a simple application for a Cyprus passport) on the basis of residence or on the basis of investing in Cyprus.
  • apply for passports, identification cards, birth certificates, driving licenses.
  • advise and assist on the requirement of the legalization/certification of the relevant supporting documentation to residence permit applications and citizenship applications.
  • Additionally, we are experienced in court appeals and judicial review applications within the immigration context.