About the Program

An Austrian residence permit allows you to travel to all Schengen states without the need for a visa. A residence permit is initially issued for one year and can then be renewed without problems or interruptions. After 10 years of legal residence, and in certain circumstances after six years, it is possible to apply for Austrian citizenship.


  • Opportunity to establish residence as a person of independent means
  • Austrian residence permit gives visa-free access to all Schengen States
  • Citizenship may be available after 10 years of residence
  • Attractive lifestyle and healthy environment
  • Excellent transport and communications

Program Benefits

Under the category of persons of independent means, the key criteria are that you have sufficient funds (you must be able to show liquid assets at your disposal of about EUR 40,000 per adult and EUR 10,000 per child below 18 years. These assets you should show in the form of a statement of account from an Austrian or major international bank), a university degree that is recognized in Austria or knowledge of the German language at A1 level, permanent accommodation in Austria, and health insurance that provides full cover in Austria.

Entire family are Eligible Spouses, dependent children
Advanced standard of living and healthy environment
High-quality medicine
Visa-free access to the Schengen countries
Education for your children
  • POPULATION 8,857,960
  • LOCATION Central Europe, approximately between Germany, Italy and Hungary
  • CAPITAL Vienna
  • TOTAL AREA 83,879sq. km
  • LANGUAGE Austrian German
  • RELIGIONS Roman Catholic
  • GOVERNMENT TYPE Federal parliamentary republic

Austrian residence for wealthy people and businessmen

You can obtain a special residence permit for financially independent persons or entrepreneurs, renew it regularly, and after five years apply for a permanent residence status.

If your financial possibilities are not limited, there is a chance to obtain citizenship through investment.

How to get a residence permit

Briefly: to buy health insurance and find housing in Austria, to collect the documents from the list, to translate them into German, then to submit the whole package and await the outcome.

Finding of an accommodation and collection of documents

You need to solve an accommodation issue: in order to submit documents, you will need to sign rental / purchase agreement.

You also need to have health insurance provided by Austrian insurance company.

Birth certificate, travel documents and photographs for documents (35 × 45 mm, not older than 6 months) shall be also prepared at this stage.

In addition, you need to provide:

  • certificate of no criminal conviction,
  • income statement or bank statement
  • certificate of passing a German language test (minimum level - A1),
  • if you are going to relocate with your family, document proving the kinship (marriage or divorce certificate, change of name, adoption, death) shall be provided.
Translation of documents into German

Translation of documents shall be done by an official (court) translator. All translated copies must be apostilled.

Submission of documents to the consulate or migration service.

Be ready to pay fees:

  • € 80 when submitting documents plus € 20 for a residence,
  • plus € 50 for each child,
  • € 20 for having your photo and signature on the residence card. Most likely, the outcome will be received within a month. The maximum legal period to get a decision of authorities is 3 months.
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Requirements towards applicants
  • Necessary documents